• The 20 best gardening gifts for Christmas in 2023

    ​The holiday season is upon us and that means it’s time to start thinking about what gifts to get for our loved ones. If you have a gardener in your life, we’ve got you covered with this list of the 20 best gardening gifts for Christmas in 2023. From practical items like gloves and tools,…

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  • Starting seeds is a low-cost, low-risk way to garden if you also happen to be neurodiverse.

    ADHD Garden Hacks

    Discover ADHD-friendly tips and hacks for a fulfilling gardening experience. From automating watering to embracing chaos, find your unique path in neurodiverse gardening

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  • Yes you can still harvest in August in a Central Texas garden!

    What I’m doing in August in my Central Texas Garden

    While it may not seem like it, August is vital for Central Texas gardens. Understanding what to plant and how to care for your garden can make all the difference. Here’s what I’m doing this month. What to Expect Understanding August weather is crucial for Central Texas gardeners in a typical year. Generally, you can…

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  • Freshly harvested basil from the Central Texas garden in July.

    What I’m doing in my Central Texas garden in July

    The Central Texas garden in July is the end of one growing season and the start of a relatively slow time before things pick back up again in the fall. With daytime highs around 100-105 Fahrenheit and nighttime lows in the high 70s, many things die off or go dormant in the heat. It’s a…

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  • Raised beds sit waiting to be filled with organic material from the garden.

    Introduction to Hugelkultur

    Uncover the secrets of hugelkultur, a revolutionary gardening technique. Enhance plant growth and soil fertility with this organic method.

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  • A closeup view of drip irrigation integrated into a raised bed.

    Garden project: How to install custom DIY drip irrigation in raised beds

    A detailed look at how we planned, sourced, and installed custom DIY drip irrigation in our raised beds We chose custom DIY drip irrigation for our raised beds for many reasons, but the main reason was that it was so easy and affordable! Read on to learn from our experiences and see detailed information about…

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  • Finished raised beds sit empty in the backyard, waiting to be planted.

    Garden Project: How to build raised beds on a slope

    Hey, Composters!  I want to share the process of a project we recently tackled — building raised beds. The challenge was building those raised beds on the slope of our property. Despite a few hiccups along the way, building these raised beds have been game-changing for our gardening. And with the help of friends and…

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  • A view of tomato trellises underneath a shade cloth.

    Motivation: Five Reasons to Start Gardening Today

    Gardening has been a popular activity for many years and good reason. Not only is it a great way to spend time outdoors, but it also has many mental and physical health benefits. Here are five reasons to start gardening today.

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